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The Best 1930s Gangster Movies

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Thirteen years of Prohibition had an unexpected result; the creation of a new film genre, the gangster movie. The films on this list of 30s gangster movies tell the stories of hoodlums and rum-runners who make and lose fortunes based on selling illegal alcohol.

Among the best 30s gangster movies are: Little Caeser, Scarface, and Angels with Dirty Faces. During this period the genre was dominated by three stars, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson, each of whom is well-represented on this list of good 30s gangster movies. After you take a look, let us know who you like better Cagney or Bogart or Robinson? And, which are your favorites on this 1930s gangster film list? Vote up the top gangster movies from the 30s or add any that we might have missed.