The Best 1960s ABC Shows

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The '60s were the heyday of network TV, and as this list of 1960s ABC shows makes clear, many of the most popular series of the decade aired on the American Broadcasting Company. The best 1960s ABC shows include dramas, sitcoms, and westerns. Several game shows also appear on this top '60s ABC shows list. There are even animated series. In fact, one of the best cartoon shows of all time premiered on ABC in 1960.

What are some of the best series that you will find on this top 1960s ABC shows list? The Flintstones was a hugely popular '60s ABC series and its influence extends well into the current day. The Bugs Bunny Show is another great animated series that ran on ABC in the 1960s.

ABC aired tons of sitcoms in the 1960s, as well. Bewitched, The Donna Reed Show, and The Addams Family are all prime examples of 1960s ABC comedies. When it came to dramas, the best '60s ABC shows included The Fugitive and The Mod Squad, both of which were later remade as films.

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