The Greatest & Grooviest '60s Cartoons

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These are the very best 1960s cartoons, each one an animated gem from the mid-century. From a spinach-powered sailor, to a mystery-solving rag-tag-team, to a family living in the future with a robot maid, and beyond! The top '60s animated series brought about absolute classics that remain pop culture icons to this day, and these good '60s cartoons basically ushered in a new era of TV. If you're feeling nostalgic, you should really check out these great 1960s animated series.

Which great cartoons will you find on this top 1960s animated series list? Popeye the Sailor is obviously a favorite. The Bugs Bunny Show is another one of the best animated shows that aired during the 1960s. Several 1960s cartoon characters, like Space Ghost and Scooby Doo, were resurrected in later decades - from reimagined animated series to nostalgic movies

For some throwback entertainment, viewers tuned into The Flintstones throughout the 1960s. Their space-aged counterpart, The Jetsons, was also a favorite animated series during the decade. Other good 60s animated series that appear on this list include Space Ghost, Jonny Quest and The Flash.

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