The Best Talk Shows of the 1960s

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The sixties were a much simpler time in television. Especially when compared to today's multi-platform, basic cable, premium cable, cord-cutting complexities. Back then, the talk show reigned supreme. These are the best1960s talk shows, ranked from best to worst. Some of these talk shows aired in late-night, while others had A.M. time slots. A few of the very best 60s talk shows went on to become cultural phenomenons and changed the way TV is thought about and made forever..

What series will you find on this best 1960s talk shows list? The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson premiered in 1962 and continued to be a favorite with viewers for the next 30 years. It set the bar for generations of late-night shows to follow. The Merv Griffin Show was another good talk show that aired in the 1960s. Meet the Press has been a go-to source for political pundits from 1947 to this day. 

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Most divisive: The Today Show
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