The Best 1970s ABC Dramas

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During the 1970s, ABC had several dramas airing that would become some of the most iconic shows in television history. And these are the best 1970s ABC dramas, ranked by user votes. The best ABC dramas come in many forms.  The top 1970s drama shows were surprisingly comedic, even though they delivered tons of heart. And of course, other 70s ABC dramas were action packed, like Starsky & Hutch. It goes without saying that several of the greatest 1970s ABC dramas won multiple Emmy Awards for their achievements.

What are some of the shows will you find on this best ABC dramas list? Charlie's Angels is definitely one of ABCs best offerings from the 1970s. This show provided not only great entertainment, but it also helped to inspire the fashion styles of the era. It was a true cultural phenomenon. The Love Boat and Eight is Enough also appear on this good 70s ABC dramas list.

For TV fans that like a little bit of mystery every now and then, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries was a great ABC show. Other good series that are featured on this top 70s ABC drama shows list include Fantasy Island and Baretta.

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