The Best 1970s Spin-Off TV Shows

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These are the very best 1970s spin-offs series, ranked from best to worst. It seems like there was something in the water in the '70s that made TV execs decide to just take successful characters and expand their universes into other shows. Some of these popular 1970s spin-off shows follow a central character from an original series, as was just mentioned, but some other shows just set set their series in the same location as the original show, and that qualifies equally as a spin-off. A couple of these shows actually became even more successful than their predecessors.

So, what are some shows that deserve to be on this 1970s spin-offs list? The Muppet Show was one of the most original variety shows on television in the '70s, but many of these classic characters first appeared on Sesame Street. The Muppet Show welcomed many special guests during its five season run including Elton John, Diana Ross, and Mark Hamill. The Jeffersons is another great spin-off that aired in the 1970s.

Laverne & Shirley is a spin-off of Happy Days, which is a spin-off of Love, American Style. That's a spin-off of a spin-off for those keeping score at home. A couple of other shows that are featured on this list are Good Times, Mork & Mindy, and The Facts of Life.

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