The Best 1980s ABC Comedy Shows

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Take a stroll down memory lane with the best 1980s ABC comedy shows, ranked by user votes. The best '80s ABC comedy shows came in many forms, from will-they-or-won't they romantic comedy to sitcoms packed with earnest life lesson. Some of the top 1980s ABC comedies were led by future mega-stars and other '80s ABC comedy series created iconic characters as part of ensembles.

This list of '80s ABC comedy shows includes Growing Pains, a great '80s sitcom that the whole family could enjoy. Fun fact: Leonardo DiCaprio had a role later in this series. Mr. Belvedere and Perfect Strangers are other good ABC comedy series from the 1980s.

Some of the best '80s ABC comedies also incorporated drama. The Wonder Years, Moonlighting, and Roseanne expertly weaved in serious subjects and high emotions between the laughs. This 1980s ABC comedy shows list can answer lots of questions, but one will forever remain a mystery: Who's the Boss?

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