The Best 1980s ABC Dramas

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These are the very best 1980s ABC dramas, ranked by user votes. The best 80s ABC dramas are some of the flat out greatest shows in TV history. Some of the top 1980s drama shows on ABC remain as relevant today as they were back then meaning 80s ABC dramas weren't just passable television shows. They were trend setters that truly had an impact on pop culture. Some of the greatest 1980s ABC dramas won multiple Emmy Awards.

Which shows will you find on this best 1980s ABC dramas list? Moonlighting definitely appears near the top of this list of great 80s ABC drama shows. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd led the all-star cast of this one-hour drama. The Wonder Years is also one of the greatest 1980s ABC dramas.

Thirtysomething is a top 80s ABC drama show that ran from 1987 – 1991. This list of good 1980s ABC dramas also includes great series like T.J. Hooker, Hart to Hart and Heart of the City.

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