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The Best 1980s Crime Drama TV Shows

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In the mood to catch up on the some legendary '80s crime dramas? Well, this list is a place to start! These are the best 1980s crime drama TV shows, ranked by user votes. From some good '80s crime drama series that follow law enforcement agents as they attempt to catch criminals, to others that are about lawyers, to still other top 1980s crime shows that are about undercover cops pretending to be high schoolers.

What shows will you find on this list of the best '80s crime drama TV shows? David Hasselhoff got some crime-fighting help from his car KITT in the '80s show Knight Rider. Fun Fact: KITT was actually a customized 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am sports model. T.J. Hooker was also a good crime show that aired in the 1980s. TV viewers got a look inside the dramatic lives of a group of Hill Street police officers in the '80s crime dramas Hill Street Blues. Other good cop shows that appear on this top 1980s crime drama TV shows list include Miami Vice, 21 Jump Street and L.A. Law.

What are the best '80s crime dramas? Did the shows you think were the best make this list? Vote up the 1980s cop shows you think are the best of the decade and see where the detective shows of the '80s you loved to watch rank.