The Best Cartoon Network Shows of the '90s

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The 1990s were a glorious time. You could listen to Alanis Morisette any time you turned on the radio, and Surge was readily available on every grocery store's shelves. It was also a golden age of cartoons, and you could find some of the best cartoons of all time on Cartoon Network. These 1990s Cartoon Network shows pushed the boundaries of what was possible for animation and children's storytelling, which is why so many millennials still love them to this day. 

Dexter's Laboratory had us tuning in every week to see how exactly DeeDee would mess up Dexter's experiments. Johnny Bravo prepared young girls for just how obnoxious some guys would be when they grew up. And Cow and Chicken taught us to not ask too many questions when trying to figure out how a chicken and a cow could be brother and sister. 

It may seem tough to rank the top 90s Cartoon Network TV series, but we think you are more than up for the arduous task. Below are some of the most popular cartoons that came out between 1990 and 1999. Vote for your favorites, and see whether Dexter or the three Eds wind up on top. 

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