The Best Cartoon Network Shows of the 2000s
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The Best Cartoon Network Shows of the 2000s

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Cartoon Network played an important part in many people's childhoods. It is home to some of the best cartoons of all time, and during the 2000s, the network released some of its best work. These are the best 2000s Cartoon Network shows. How many did you watch?

The kid-friendly gallows humor of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy attracted a lot of attention when the series first came out. There were plenty of other great comedic shows during this time, but a lot of people remember the more mature programming. Shows like Samurai Jack were still appropriate for kids, but it did not rely on the same formulas as other Cartoon Network shows during the time. Naturally, no 2000s Cartoon Network shows list would be complete without mentioning Star Wars: Clone Wars, which filled in the gaps between Episode II and Episode III of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. 

The following list is a complete collection of all shows that came out between 2000 and 2009 on Cartoon Network. Vote on your favorites so that everyone can see which cartoons truly dominated the era. Take a stroll down memory lane to see which shows you remember the most and which you were unaware of during the time.