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The Best 2000s CBS Comedy Shows

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Trying to catch up on some funny shows that all of your friends are chatting about without you? Well, here are best 2000s CBS comedy shows ranked from best to worst by user votes to get you started. Some good 2000s CBS comedy TV series were based on family life while others went a little less "by the book" with their central plot lines. Many of the best 2000s CBS comedy shows are still popular in reruns to this day. That's the true mark of a great television show.

What series will you find on this best 2000s CBS comedy shows list? How I Met Your Mother is one of our favorites. This great 2000s CBS series ran from 2005-2014 and featured an all-star cast including Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders. Two and a Half Men was also one of the most popular CBS comedies that aired in the 2000s.

From 2006-2010, The New Adventures of Old Christine was a favorite among CBS comedy fans. Other good shows that appear on this top 2000s CBS comedy shows list include Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens and Rules of Engagement.

Which 2000s CBS comedy series do you like the best? Vote your favorite shows up to the top of this list and get in on the conversation in the comments section.
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