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The Best 2000s CBS Dramas

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These are the best 2000s CBS drama shows ranked from best to worst by user votes. Some good 2000s CBS drama TV series were based in classic "trouble at the office" scenarios, and others found some pretty juicy plot-lines through family issues. Also, many of the best 2000s CBS drama shows were sci-fi or fantasy.

What series will you find on this best 2000s CBS drama shows list? CSI: Crime Scene Investigation debuted in 2000 and became one of CBS' flagship shows. Its spinoffs, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York, both also appear on this list of the greatest CBS dramas from the 2000s. The Ghost Whisperer was another popular CBS drama that aired in the 2000s.

Cold Case, which ran from 2003 – 2010, hooked fans with police drama and old murder mysteries. Other good shows that appear on this top 2000s CBS drama shows list include The Agency, NCIS and The Education of Max Bickford.

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