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The Best 2000s Crime Drama TV Shows

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List RulesVote up your favorite crime dramas that aired new episodes anytime between 2000-2009.

These are the best 2000s crime dramas, ranked by user votes.  Some of these good '00s crime drama series are absolute television classics that changed the medium forever, while others, though great, won't go down as truly game-changing. And that's fine! Not everything can be "the best." That's where your votes come in. What are the top 2000s crime shows? Vote up your favorites!

What shows will you find on this list of the best 2000s crime drama TV shows? Perhaps the best '00s crime series was The Wire. Through designating different characters as the lead each season, The Wire provided viewers with a well-rounded look at cops, criminals and the community members who fight for what's right. The Sopranos was also a good crime show that aired in the 2000s. Breaking Bad shared the story of a law-abiding citizen turned meth kingpin with suspense and drama. Other good 2000s cop shows on this list include Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Bones.

What are the best '00s crime dramas? Did the shows you think were the best make this list? Vote up the 2000s cop shows you think are the best of the decade and see where the detective shows of the '00s you loved to watch rank.