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The Best 2000s Family Movies

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If you love movies, then the early to mid-2000's was a great time to have kids. Here's our list of the best 2000s family movies, ranked by your votes. Family movies aren't just for kids anymore. Family movies from the 2000's from studios like Pixar really proved that adults can watch movies with their kids and laugh along with them. These films are cute with a few subtle adult jokes thrown into the mix, what’s not to love?!

In this list of greatest 00’s family movies, you’ll find it hard to choose which one tops them all. Could it be Pixar’s Monsters Inc? The film starred Billy Crystal and John Goodman as silly monsters trying to get cute little Boo back to her home.

Or how about Dreamworks’ Shrek?! It challenges your typical fairytale story and definitely pleases both kids and parents at the same time. It even won Best Animated Feature in 2002. Could this be 2000s greatest family movie of all time?

Of course, you can’t bring  family movies from the 00s without bringing up the magical franchise known as Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling’s iconic series became some of the top grossing 00s family movies, and launched the career of Daniel Radcliffe.

So which 2000’s greatest family movie is your favorite? With so many fun and inspiring movies, it's hard to pick just one, so vote for your top picks below and let your opinion be heard.