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The Best Procedural Dramas of the 2000s

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Do Castle or NCIS top your list of the best procedural dramas of the 2000s? They do for many fans! The 2000s were a boon for anyone that liked procedural shows. During this time, procedural dramas mainly told stories centered around crime and police work. In fact, some of those shows still air to this day, with nearly a decade’s worth of seasons.

On this list of the best procedural dramas of the 2000s, you’ll find shows such as Criminal Minds, which depicts the inner-workings of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Premiering 2005, the show has been a hit on CBS for 11 great seasons, thanks in part to a great cast which includes Mandy Patinkin, Joe Mantegna, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Another top procedural drama from the 2000s is The Mentalist, which starred Simon Baker.

Monk, starring Tony Shalhoub as the title character, captured all of the drama of detective work while giving viewers a splash of comedy for added entertainment. Other great procedurals that appear on this list include Lie to Me, The Practice, and Without a Trace.

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