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The Best NFL Running Backs of the 2000s

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These are the best NFL running backs of the 2000s. Running backs are an integral piece of a football team's offense. They set the pace and take the biggest hits play after play. When talking about 2000s running backs, you're talking about some of the greatest football players to ever plays in the NFL! Take a look at this list of RBs of the 2000s and vote up your favorites! Who do you think are the best running backs of the 2000s?

From Emmitt Smith to Edgerrin James, the top Running Backs of the 2000s are some of the most famous players in NFL history! LaDanian Tomlinson is another player that comes to mind Frank Gore and Tiki Barber have also earned the right to be listed amongst the best 2000s Running Backs ever! 

So take a look at this list of the greatest RBs of the 2000s and vote up your favorites! Vote up who you think are the greatest running backs of the 2000s, then if you're a fantasy football player, head over and help decide the best fantasy football RBs of 2019.

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  • Adrian Peterson2

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  • Shaun Alexander3

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  • Jerome Bettis4

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  • Priest Holmes5

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  • Frank Gore6

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  • Clinton Portis7

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  • Edgerrin James8

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  • Curtis Martin9

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  • Brian Westbrook10

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  • Fred Taylor11

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  • Steven Jackson12

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  • Tiki Barber13

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  • Ricky Williams14

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  • Jamal Lewis15

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  • Emmitt Smith16

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  • Corey Dillon17

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  • Warrick Dunn18

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  • Larry Johnson19

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  • Willis McGahee20

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  • Thomas Jones22

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  • Deuce McAllister23
  • Marion Barber III24

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  • Willie Parker25