The Best NFL Wide Receivers of the 2000s

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Wide receivers are some of the most widely respected players in the NFL. They can very quickly turn the tide of a game with one long play. One spectacular catch. When talking about 2000s wide receivers, there are plenty of great players to talk about. Some of them are some the greatest players in NFL history. Here is a list of the best wide receivers of the 2000s! Take a look at this list of 2000s WRs and be sure to vote up your favorites! Who you think is the best wide receiver of the 2000s?

When looking at 2000s wide receivers, is Calvin Johnson your favorite? or is it Larry Fitzgerald?  Or is it Randy Moss? Someone else? Point is, there are tons of great, great, players on this list! Take a look at the top wide receivers of the 2000s and vote up the player that you think most deserves the top spot.

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Most divisive: Rod Smith
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  • Randy Moss
    714 votes
    Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers

    A true game-changer, Randy Moss burst onto the NFL scene with a mind-boggling rookie campaign that instantly cemented his status as one of the most dangerous deep threats the league had ever seen. Throughout his storied career, Moss' blazing speed, unparalleled ball-tracking ability, and jaw-dropping acrobatic catches were a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses, forcing coordinators to alter their game plans in an attempt to contain the electrifying wide receiver. Despite off-the-field issues that sometimes clouded his legacy, Moss' impact on the sport can still be felt today, as coaches and talent evaluators scour the football world for the next "Randy Moss" to stretch the field and change the complexion of any game with a single play.

  • Calvin Johnson
    744 votes
    Detroit Lions

    Known as "Megatron" for his imposing size and superhuman athleticism, Calvin Johnson provided Detroit Lions fans with a decade of highlight-reel moments that will forever be etched in the annals of NFL history. While his team often struggled to find consistent success during his tenure, there's no denying the brilliance of Johnson's individual performances, as he routinely out-leaped, out-muscled, and outran entire secondaries on a weekly basis. Despite an early retirement that curtailed his potential pursuit of numerous NFL records, Calvin's astounding combination of physical dominance and graceful finesse will remain the gold standard against which all future wide receivers will be measured.

  • Terrell Owens
    594 votes
    Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals

    Few players in NFL history have combined raw athletic ability, unrelenting competitiveness, and a larger-than-life personality quite like Terrell Owens. A bona fide game-breaker throughout his entire career, Owens' combination of breakaway speed, physicality, and exceptional route running made him a force to be reckoned with, even as double-teams and defensive adjustments consistently tried to slow him down. While his off-field antics often generated headlines and controversy, T.O.'s on-field dominance remains an indelible part of NFL lore, securing his place as one of the best wide receivers to ever lace up a pair of cleats.

  • Larry Fitzgerald
    599 votes
    Arizona Cardinals

    The epitome of consistency and professionalism, Larry Fitzgerald has forged an exemplary career filled with spectacular moments and unwavering excellence, both on and off the field. His ability to run precise routes, coupled with his other-worldly hands and unmatched body control, have made Fitzgerald a fan favorite and a quarterback's dream for his entire tenure with the Arizona Cardinals. Now in the twilight of his illustrious career, the gravity of Larry's impact on the sport is only becoming more evident, as future generations will undoubtedly strive to emulate his tireless work ethic, humble demeanor, and never-ending quest for greatness.

  • Marvin Harrison
    468 votes
    Indianapolis Colts, Syracuse Orange football

    In an era defined by flashy superstars and attention-seeking behavior, Marvin Harrison quietly amassed a résumé that would make any NFL player envious. As Peyton Manning's go-to target during the height of the Indianapolis Colts' offensive juggernaut, Harrison's precise route running, uncanny connection with his quarterback, and overall reliability were instrumental in redefining the modern passing game. Remembered as much for his stoic demeanor and low-key personality as his on-field excellence, Harrison's lasting legacy will always serve as a reminder that success can be achieved through diligence, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to one's craft.

  • Steve Smith
    429 votes
    Carolina Panthers

    At just 5-foot-9, Steve Smith defied all conventional wisdom surrounding the prototypical NFL wide receiver, as he used his diminutive stature, explosive speed, and feisty attitude to carve out a prolific career that spanned 16 seasons. Though often underestimated by opposing defenses, Smith's relentless pursuit of greatness enabled him to thrive in an increasingly specialized league, where his versatility in the slot, on the outside, and as a return specialist made him a valuable asset to both the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens. As his retirement looms, fans and players alike can only marvel at Smith's tenacious spirit, as he leaves behind a blueprint for overcoming insurmountable odds in pursuit of gridiron glory.