The Best NFL Wide Receivers of the 2000s

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Wide receivers are some of the most widely respected players in the NFL. They can very quickly turn the tide of a game with one long play. One spectacular catch. When talking about 2000s wide receivers, there are plenty of great players to talk about. Some of them are some the greatest players in NFL history. Here is a list of the best wide receivers of the 2000s! Take a look at this list of 2000s WRs and be sure to vote up your favorites! Who you think is the best wide receiver of the 2000s?

When looking at 2000s wide receivers, is Calvin Johnson your favorite? or is it Larry Fitzgerald?  Or is it Randy Moss? Someone else? Point is, there are tons of great, great, players on this list! Take a look at the top wide receivers of the 2000s and vote up the player that you think most deserves the top spot.

Who are the greatest WRs of the 2000s? Vote below, then if you're a fantasy football player, head over and help decide the best fantasy football WRs of 2019.

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