The Best ABC Shows of the 2010s

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The way we watch TV may be changing, but this list of 2010s ABC shows makes it clear that network television still boasts great programming. These ABC shows of the 2010s are ranked from best to worst according to your votes, and there's no shortage of options to suit your TV tastes. The best 2010s ABC series include hour-long dramas, half-hour comedies, and some reality show standbys.

What are some of the best series that you will find on this good 2010s ABC TV shows list? That's up to you, but Modern Family is worth considering. This sitcom has won dozens of Emmy Awards since it premiered in 2009. The Middle is another great comedy series that appears on this best 2010s ABC shows list.

The 2010s have also good years for ABC dramas. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Nashville are all among the most popular ABC series of the 2010s. Fantasy fans also enjoy the ABC series Once Upon a Time, which riffs on familiar fairy tales with clever and dramatic twists.

Which 2010s ABC TV series will be at the top of the list? Vote up your favorite shows and downvote the ones you don't think are worth recommending. If we missed any great series, add them, and if you're a rabid ABC viewer, rerank the list to share your definitive version.
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