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The Best Drama Movies Of The 2010s Decade

Updated 23 Feb 2020 2.0k votes 80 voters133 items

List RulesVote up your the dramas you love that were released between 2010-2019.

What are the best drama films of the decade? That's what this list will determine, based on your votes. We want you to choose the top 100 drama movies of the 2010s -- the ones that moved you the most, the ones that made you think hardest, and the ones that you couldn't get out of your head after you saw them. Aside from just ranking the titles, this list will also provide great recommendations for drama movies you might not have seen. Take a look at the top entries and be sure to catch those that you missed.

By every measure, the 2010s have been a stellar decade for drama films. Many of Hollywood's best actors have starred in them, often doing the finest work of their careers. Emma Stone, Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling, and Amy Adams are just four examples. Top directors have been responsible for more than a few of the best drama movies of the last 10 years, such as David Fincher, Spike Lee, and Paul Thomas Anderson. In short, there's been a lot of magic on cinema screens.

Vote up your picks for the top drama movies of the last decade. Don't forget to check back later on to see how your pick is faring. 


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