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The Best Foreign Films Of The 2010s Decade

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List RulesVote up the foreign films you love that were released in the US between 2010-2019.

Fans of global cinema are invited to vote for the best foreign movies of the past decade. The following list compiles notable motion pictures from around the world that were released in the last decade. China, Denmark, Japan, France, Spain, and Germany are just a few of the countries represented. They all have thriving film scenes and turn out plenty of worthy movies each year. We've collected the most acclaimed and popular movies from each nation. Now it's time to see which one rises to the very top. 

Aside from ranking the most memorable titles from other countries, this list will also provide a handy guide for anyone looking to check out foreign films. You'll find dozens of great recommendations, but of course, the ones ranked highest are most worthy of your time. Don't be intimidated by subtitles, because the strength of the storytelling in the top 100 foreign movies of the 2010s will keep you hooked. Multiple genres are represented, as well. Many are dramas, but comedies, horror flicks, and action pictures are also accounted for.

Vote up the top foreign films of the last decade. When you're done, take a chance on one of them that you haven't yet seen. 

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