The Greatest Movies Of The 2010s, Ranked

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You have a very important task ahead of you - voting for the best movies of the 2010s. While that may sound easy on the surface, it's actually going to be somewhat difficult. That's because there were so many great films during the past decade. When you look at the list of titles below, we guarantee you'll be impressed by just how many exemplary movies came out over the course of the last ten years.

What's even more impressive is how many different genres produced all-time classics. Drama, comedy, horror, science fiction, animation, horror, documentary - all are accounted for here. Aside from determining the top 100 movies of the 2010s, this list is intended to be an excellent resource for anyone in search of a really good movie to rent. No matter which genre you like the most, it has a presence. The odds are that you haven't seen all the titles on the list. Make it a project to catch every single one of them. Share the list with your friends, too, so they can discover their next obsession. 

Vote up your choices for the top movies of the last decade. Don't forget to check back later on to see how your pick fares, and to find out which movie makes it to the top spot. 

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