The Best 2010s NBC Shows

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These are the best 2010s NBC shows ranked by user votes. The 2010s was a great time for NBC television programs. Some of the best 2010s NBC shows were dramas, other good 2010s NBC series were comedies, others defied classification. What are the greatest 2010s NBC TV shows? Vote up your favorites!

What shows appear near the top of this best 2010s NBC shows list? Parks and Recreation is a fan favorite thanks in part to its talented cast including Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman. 4.2 million viewers tuned into watch Leslie Knope and company say farewell with the show's 2015 finale. Community is another good show that aired on NBC in the 2010s. The long-running Law & Order: Special Victims Unit entered into its second decade in the 2010s.

In the 2010s, The Windy City proved to be a great setting for captivating TV drama series with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, followed by Chicago Med. Other great shows that are featured on this top 2010s NBC shows list include The Biggest Loser, Parenthood and America's Got Talent.

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Most divisive: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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