The Best 2010s Nickelodeon Shows Of The Decade

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These are the best 2010s Nickelodeon shows, ranked from best to worst by user votes. Some top 2010s Nickelodeon shows were Nicktoons, others were game shows, and still some other popular 2010s Nickelodeon programs were funny live-action comedies. Which are the best series of the decade? The world first fell in love with Ariana Grande when she starred alongside Jennette McCurdy in Sam & Cat. The show was extremely successful in its first season, but it was ultimately canceled due to Grande's music career and McCurdy's disagreements with the network. See Dad Run was another good show that aired on Nickelodeon in the 2010s.

The film fun of Kung Fu Panda continued on television with the Nick series Legends of Awesomeness. Other great shows featured on this top 2010s Nickelodeon shows list include Invader Zim, Fred: The Show and The Haunted Hathaways. Some of the best Nickelodeon shows in the 2010s were reboots of '90s Nickelodeon series, such as Double Dare and All That.

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