The Very Best Procedural Dramas of the 2010s

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See what others think are the best 2010s procedural dramas based on fan votes. With the 2010s nearing a close, it's now clear that this decade had an abundance of fantastic procedurals. Unlike the procedurals of the old days that simply showed cops or doctors going about their daily routines, shows like The Rookie and House proved that shaking up a familiar formula with complex characters is a great way to create something engaging every single week. By taking this formula, and adding in some juicy serialized storylines, it's a good bet that a few of these top procedural dramas from the 2010s may very well still be on air in the next decade.

What will you find on this list of the best 2010s procedurals dramas? Shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation which ran for 15 years, and others like The Good Doctor, which is only just getting started. Some of these shows, like Blue Bloods, bundle police procedurals and family dramas in one great package, while others dive into more sci-fi and genre-tinged concepts, like Person of Interest, The Mentalist, and Grimm.

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