The Greatest Reality Shows of the 2010s

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This decade saw the rise of reality TV as it became more niche and truly had something to offer everyone. From some great 2010s reality programs that are centered around people looking for love, to other good 2010s reality shows about true crime, reality TV in the 2010s moved further away from its Survivor and American Idol roots to become diverse and varied. From 90 Day Fiance to RuPaul's Drag Race and its various spin-offs, if you're looking for jawdropping, must-watch TV, this decade proved that scripted television is no longer the only place to find it.

So what series appear on this best 2010s reality shows list? Singing competitions are nothing new, but when The Voice premiered in 2011 it added some all-star coaches to the mix, and then spawned a revival in the genre, eventually spawning The Masked Singer. The Bachelor is another popular reality show that aired in the 2010s, and then went on to influence shows like Love Island.

Gordon Ramsay became a household name thanks to the continued success of his reality show, Hell's Kitchen, which then led to other cooking shows like MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, as well as baking shows like Netflix's Nailed It and the ever popular Great British Bake Off. And then there's the ones that st reality shows list include American Idol, Survivor and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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