The Best NFL Running Backs of the 2010s

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Who were the best running backs of the 2010s? Running backs are some of the most respected players in the NFL and they've earned that respect. A good running back can make or break a team. They set the pace and take the biggest hits play after play. When talking about 2010s running backs you're talking about some the greatest players to ever play the game! Take a look at this list of RBs of the 2010s and vote up your favorites! Who do you think are the best NFL running backs of the 2010s?

From Arian Foster to Adrian Peterson, the top running backs of the 2010s are some of the strongest players on the gridiron. Players like Marshawn Lynch come to mind! Beast mode! LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore played the entire decade and are also some of the best 2010s Running Backs.

So take a look at this list of the greatest RBs of the 2010s and vote up your favorites!

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