The Best NBA Shooting Guards of the 2010s

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The top 2010s NBA shooting guards are part of a "new breed" that are less about passing and more about knowing how to score the ball. Just look at the likes of James Harden, the ultimate scorer, or 1/2 of the 'Splash Brothers' Klay Thompson, a lethal weapon from behind the arc. The greatest NBA shooting guards from the 2010s are an interesting mix. Some of best NBA shooting guards of the 10s have won multiple championships while others are still seeking their first title.

Some of the top 10s NBA shooting guards are future Hall of Famers, like the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant. It is a safe assessment to say that  the best NBA shooting guards from the 2010s are a truly talented group and may even be in a league of their own as the NBA moves more and more to being a "small man's" game. Vote your favorite shooting guards of the of the 2010's now!
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