The Best NBA Small Forwards of the 2010s

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There have been some pretty outstanding professional basketball players in the past couple of decades. But, what the basketball world has witnessed during the 2010s is nothing short of extraordinary. These are the best 2010s small forwards. The very best NBA small forwards of the 2010s. Take a look at this list of the best SFs from the 2010s and see if you agree.

These are the guys who truly make the game of basketball fun and entertaining. They are some of the most versatile players on the court. From Lebron James, to Kevin Durant, to Carmelo Anthony, this list is jam packed with mega-stars. Make sure to vote for who you think best SFs of the 2010s are. A lot of the top NBA small forwards of the 2010s are some of the NBA's top stars. Period. So you have your work cut out for you while voting.
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