The Best Movies Directed By Women In 2018

With increasing concerns about representation in Hollywood, 2018 seems to be the year for movies directed by women. It's a great time to be a female director, as many people are craving a change from the status quo. The desire for a diversity of voices means more and more movie-goers want to see films made by women and other traditionally underrepresented groups. This list of 2018 films directed by women includes the most stunning examples of filmmaking by women. 

Some good 2018 films directed by women include Blockers, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Rider.

There are many 2018 movies with female directors, many of them made by the best female directors working today. However, which movie is truly the best of the best? Vote below to decide! Do you feel any female directed movies of 2018 are missing? Feel free to add them.

Want more movies directed by women? Here is a list of 2020 female directed films.

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