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The Best 2019 Fathom Events

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This is the best of the 2019 Fathom Events calendar. Fathom Events has been putting on special screenings at theaters to celebrate anniversaries of great movies and TV shows along with music concert events, ballets, and operas. They even do special screenings of animes and direct to DVD animated movies that you would otherwise not be able to see in theaters. Fathom Events has put together an impressive line up of Turner Classic Movies (TCM), the Bolshoi Ballet, and operas this year. Each Fathom event is listed with the days that they are scheduled to appear in theaters.

Use this list to see new and upcoming Fathom Events in 2019 along with the days they are to be shown in movie theaters. Your votes will determine the best Fathom Events of 2019. Look over the list and vote up your favorite Fathom Events this year.