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The Best New Memes of 2019

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Memes are solidly a part of the modern language, with humble beginnings as innocuous images that take on a life of their own. It doesn't matter if they manage to connect to recent prevailing themes in popular culture or create a trend of their own; the best new memes make us go "same" in a cosmic way.

All the trends of 2019 are reflected in 2019's latest memes, from the things that make you cry laughing, to things that make you laugh while crying. In 2018 the memes seemed to come at a rapid-fire pace, and some of 2019's best new memes feel like logical evolutions of the pigeons and mothmen that came before. Other current memes are as fresh as can be and uniquely speak to the world's need at that moment to laugh at a list of funny modified screencaps.

Some of the latest memes right now range from the fandom niche deep dives of "Me Explaining" and "Powerful Shaggy" to horrible goose memes and hilariously shady Game of Thrones memes. In a year where Lil Nas X could dominate the Billboard Top 100 thanks to a TikTok meme of "Old Town Road," 2019 may be the meme-iest year yet.