The Best WWE Matches Of 2019  

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All the best wrestling matches from 2019 hope to leave an impact on the audience to remember it fondly with intentions of watching it back many times. WWE is the center of the wrestling industry and is the standard for where every wrestler wants to deliver his best match. Both Raw and Smackdown brands for WWE have witnessed the roster split in half with talents wrestling for each WWE show. 

Featuring some of the best current WWE wrestlers, many 2019 matches are adding to the legacies of the performers. Incredible wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, and Seth Rollins have made magic in the ring on multiple occasions to set the tone for the year. 

Many fans will look back and wonder about the top WWE matches of 2019 once the year ends, wondering if . The best choices will be listed here for fans to vote on with updates as new classics join the conversation. Be sure to pick your favorites to help decide the top WWE match of 2019!

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Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy
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Video: YouTube

Event: Smackdown Live

Date: February 12, 2019

An epic performance by Kofi Kingston started the KofiMania movement in a gauntlet match against five other top stars on Smackdown Live.

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Finn Balor vs John Cena vs Baron Corbin vs Drew McIntyre
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Video: YouTube

Event: Monday Night Raw

Date: January 14, 2019

Finn Balor earned a Universal Championship title shot and the respect of John Cena with a great performance in this Raw fatal four-way match.

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Ronda Rousey vs Sasha Banks
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Video: YouTube

Event: Royal Rumble

Date: January 27, 2019

Ronda Rousey defended the Raw Women's Championship in her dream match of opposing Sasha Banks for the first time on WWE television.

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Samoa Joe vs Andrade vs R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio
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Event: Fastlane

Date: March 10, 2019

Samoa Joe defended the United States Championship against three other talented stars in a standout match from the Fastlane event.

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