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The Most Exciting New Movie Trailers Of 2020

List RulesVote up the 2020 movie trailers that get you the most amped for the movie.

Here are the best trailers for movies coming out this year! Look for the exciting continuation of the Wonder Woman franchise coming out in 2020. These are the coolest trailers for upcoming 2020 movies and you get to vote on them all year round.  Maybe you have waited so long for a Bad Boys sequel that you've watched the trailer 20 times, we get it and that's why this lists has the most exciting trailers for upcoming films that will be released in 2020. But which of these trailers is the best of the year? You get to help decide with your votes!

Vote up the trailers that get you the most worked up for the full movie. Maybe your favorite teaser trailer offers the promise of nonstop action, heart wrenching drama, pulse pounding thrills, or horrifying chills. Whatever the case may be, the list below has the trailers you want to watch! Check back for new trailers as they are released and to see where your selections end up on the list.