Humor You Can Now Tweet In 280 Characters, And Users Are Already Doing The Most With It  

Veronica Walsingham
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It’s official - Twitter has finally finished its trial run of 280 character tweets for select folks and has introduced it to the tweeting masses. There is no denying that there have been some hilarious and amazing tweets under 140 characters, but the expanded character allotment has Twitter users making the most of 280 characters.

Before the update, hilarious long tweets had to be broken up into smaller, 140-character tweets. While some of the best Twitter accounts out there seem to be against this update, other great Twitter accounts are totally here for it, providing us with long form hilarity. Prepare yourself for double the fun with some of the best 280 character tweets. 

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The History Channel Used 280 Characters To Give Us All A Pop Quiz


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Just Try To Read This Tweet Without Hearing The Law And Order: SVU Voice


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NASA Likes The Extra Space


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Google Maps Takes The Very Scenic Route