The Best '30s Comedy Movies

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Vote up your favorite film comedies that were released in the 1930s.

The Golden Age of Hollywood was also a golden age of comedy. Comedy titans like the Marx Brothers and Charlie Chaplin released countless comedy pictures during the 1930s, giving us a myriad of hilarious titles to choose from for our list of the best ‘30s comedy movies.

Chaplin’s Modern Times, released in 1936, was preserved by the Library of Congress in 1989 for its cultural and historical significance. In the film, Chaplin’s iconic Little Tramp character confronts the harsh realities of the Depression-era. Both funny and tragic, Modern TImes held a mirror up to society and highlighted the hard truths of the day with more than a few laughs in the mix. Other great ‘30s comedies on this list include the Marx Brothers satirical Duck Soup, and their farce A Night at the Opera.

Even master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock got in on the comedy game in the 1930s with his caper film The Lady Vanishes, a funny and mysterious film set on a train. Vote up the best '30s comedies below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 

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