The Best '30s Romantic Comedies

Love stories are some of the oldest stories told. For proof, look no further than Hollywood in the 1930s. This was truly the golden age of cinema in the United States, and many beloved romantic comedies were produced in this era. Some of the funniest romantic movies from the 30s were inspired by plays, while others featured lavish musical numbers. A number of the greatest '30s romantic comedies made their stars household names.

What film should top this list of the greatest '30s romantic comedies? Maybe the honors should go to City Lights, starring Charlie Chaplin. Cinema was transitioning into talkies, but Chaplin preferred to remain silent for this classic movie. Lucille Ball may be best known for starring in I Love Lucy, but she also captivated moviegoers with a small part in the 1935 film Top Hat. Frank Capra's You Can't Take It with You has charmed audiences for decades with its screwball take on love and family. Other great movies that are featured on this top '30s romantic comedies list include My Man Godfrey and Trouble in Paradise.

Which 1930s romantic comedy is the best? Share your opinion by giving your favorite films a thumbs up and add any great movies that are missing.

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