The Best '30s War Movies  

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Between the two World Wars, there was no pause in the production of war films. The best '30s war movies depicted what life was like during WWI, and showed what life was like for those overseas and back home. Some 1930s war films, however, were about wars that had taken place decades earlier.

What's the best '30s war movie? Gone with the Wind might be your favorite. It's a drama-filled love story about Scarlett O'Hara and her life during the American Civil War. Another great '30s war film is All Quiet on the Western Front, which depicts the life of American solider, Paul Baumer, during WWI. If you're looking for a war movie that's a little less depressing, try the Marx Brothers's Duck Soup.

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Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland
Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American epic historical romance film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer-winning 1936 novel. It was produced by David O. Selznick of Selznick International ...more
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Fred Zinnemann, Lew Ayres, ZaSu Pitts
All Quiet on the Western Front is a 1930 American epic film based on the Erich Maria Remarque novel of the same name. It was directed by Lewis Milestone, and stars Louis Wolheim, Lew Ayres, John ...more
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Olivia de Havilland, David Niven, Errol Flynn
The Charge of the Light Brigade is a 1936 American historical adventure film made by Warner Bros. It was directed by Michael Curtiz and produced by Samuel Bischoff, with Hal B. Wallis as ...more
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Heather Angel, Victor McLaglen, Jack Mulhall
The Informer is a 1935 dramatic film, released by RKO. The plot concerns the underside of the Irish War of Independence, set in 1920. It stars Victor McLaglen, Heather Angel, Preston Foster, ...more
Gunga Din is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best '30s War Movies
Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Douglas Fairbanks
Gunga Din is a 1939 RKO adventure film directed by George Stevens and starring Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., loosely based on the poem of the same name by Rudyard ...more
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Jean Harlow, Ben Lyon, James Hall
Hell's Angels is a 1930 American war film, directed and produced by Howard Hughes and starring Ben Lyon, James Hall and Jean Harlow. The film, which was written by Harry Behn and Howard ...more
Drums Along the Mohawk is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Best '30s War Movies
mrsunny added Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert, John Carradine
Drums Along the Mohawk is a 1939 historical Technicolor film based upon a 1936 novel of the same name by American author, Walter D. Edmonds. The film was produced by Darryl F. Zanuck and ...more
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Erich von Stroheim, Jean Gabin, Marcel Dalio
La Grande Illusion is a 1937 French war film directed by Jean Renoir, who co-wrote the screenplay with Charles Spaak. The story concerns class relationships among a small group of French ...more
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Boris Karloff, Reginald Denny, Victor McLaglen
The Lost Patrol is a 1934 war film made by RKO. It was directed and produced by John Ford, with Merian C. Cooper as executive producer and Cliff Reid as associate producer. The screenplay was by ...more
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Isa Miranda, Fosco Giachetti, Camillo Pilotto
Scipione l'africano — in English Scipio Africanus: The Defeat of Hannibal — is an Italian historical film that focuses on Publius Cornelius Scipio from the time of his election as dictator until ...more
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Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Zeppo Marx
Duck Soup is a 1933 Marx Brothers anarchic comedy film written by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, with additional dialogue by Arthur Sheekman and Nat Perrin, and directed by Leo McCarey. First ...more
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Dmitri Orlov, Nikolay Cherkasov, Sergei Blinnikov
Alexander Nevsky is a 1938 historical drama film directed by Sergei Eisenstein. It depicts the attempted invasion of Novgorod in the 13th century by the Teutonic Knights of the Holy Roman Empire ...more
The Dawn Patrol is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list The Best '30s War Movies
Richard Barthelmess, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
The Dawn Patrol is a 1930 World War I film starring Richard Barthelmess and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. It was directed by Howard Hawks, a former World War I flight instructor, who even flew in the ...more
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Gary Cooper, Susan Hayward, Ray Milland
Beau Geste is a 1939 Paramount Pictures action/adventure motion picture starring Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Robert Preston, Brian Donlevy, and Susan Hayward. Directed and produced by William A. ...more