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The Best 4 Player Co-op Games

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Video Games by their very nature are competitive... that's kind of the whole point. But what better way to play than with a whole group of your friends? Just you crazy kids against the (virtual) world! Growing up playing video games shapes friendships and family bonds. And nothing starts or makes a party like a giant 4 player set up. 

Grab a chair (or 2 or 3), dust off an old console or grab the newest, coolest, 4 player game on the market and go crazy. Playing video games can be a fun solo endeavor, but when you're with others, it only gets more fun.

This list features the best 4 player co-op games, so you and your friends can tackle every level together as a team. Vote up the best 4 player co-op video games below, or add the one you and your friends always turn to if it isn't already on the list.