The Best 4 Player Fighting Games

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4 player fighting video games, as in fighting AGAINST the other players. Vote up the best 4 player fighting games.

4 player video games are the ultimate in building friendships... or tearing them apart. A good game can also make or break a party. There are few ways to settle a score quite like owning three friends by beating them all in a fighting game. While some 4 player games have you and your friends working together, these 4 player fighting games, pit you against each one another... may the best gamer win!

Sadly, 4 player games seem to be a dying art. With the gaming world moving online, fewer and fewer people sit down a plug in for a good old fashioned split screen melee. Today's gamers will tell their grandkids about summers spent with virtual grenade launchers in Goldeneye, or playing as a insane clown in an ice cream truck blowing up our friends and they'll look at them... confused.

Get your friends together for a few last battles and enjoy the world of the 4 player fighting video game. Then be sure to vote up the best of the best 4 player fighting games below, or add one you think is the best that isn't already on the list.
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