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The Best Spy Movies of the 1940s

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What are the best 1940s spy films? Much like our list of the best 1950s spy films, Alfred Hitchcock has several beloved films on this list. The British master of suspense produced three great espionage films in the ‘40s: Notorious, Foreign Correspondent, and Saboteur. Notorious is infamous for Hitchcock’s clever violation of the Production Code that forbade on-screen kisses longer than three seconds. The director had his actors disengage every few seconds and then begin kissing again, leading to a two and a half minute kiss, revolutionary for its time.

Also on this list of the greatest 1940s spy movies, you will find
Five Graves to Cairo, a World War II film helmed by Hollywood Golden Age legend, Billy Wilder. Another World War II espionage film on this list is Across the Pacific, directed by John Huston and starring Humphrey Bogart.

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