The Best Country Songs From the 50s

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Country music is the most popular genre of music and its popularity stems from classic country songs such as these from the 1950s that have paved the way for other, more current artists. The country songs of the 1950s are steeped in Americana and tell the story of ordinary, hard working, hard drinking, and long suffering people just like many of us. 

The songs on this list from top classic country artists such as Don Gibson, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Hank Williams. Vote up the greatest 1950s country songs, or add a song that makes you love '50s country music it if it isn't already on the list.
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  • Your Cheatin’ Heart

    Your Cheatin’ Heart

    531 votes
    This sad, loverlorn song is another hit from Hank Williams from 1952.
  • Hey, Good Lookin

    Hey, Good Lookin

    559 votes
    This 1951 hit from Hank WIlliams was one in a line of jukebox hits for the country singer throughout the '50s
  • I Walk the Line

    I Walk the Line

    593 votes
    This love song to June Carter is a classic '50s hit from Johnny Cash that is stark, epic, and lovelorn.
  • Cold, Cold Heart

    Cold, Cold Heart

    318 votes
    A 1951 classic ballad from Hank Williams that proved to be a popular radio play.