The Best Horror Movies of the 1950s

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On this list of the best '50s horror movies, you will find countless genre classics that went on to inspire future generations of horror directors and producers. No discussion of ‘50s horror can begin without mentioning Hammer Films, the venerated British production house notorious for its gruesome slashers and iconic monster movies. Hammer Horror became synonymous with the genre, and true horror fans can debate ad nauseam their favorite entries in the Hammer cannon. Hammer films on this list include The Curse of Frankenstein, starring the late great Christopher Lee, and Dracula.

This list of the greatest 1950s horror movies also features highly influential films like The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, which was entered into the National Historic Film Registry for its cultural significance. Invasion of the the Bodysnatchers gave us a new term: “pod people,” a reference to the soulless drones featured in the film.

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