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The Best Romance Movies of the '50s

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This list of 1950s romance movies features some of the finest love stories on film, whether in color or in black and white. The best '50s love movies have stood the test of time, holding up as true classics starring actors who are now legends. Two of the most popular actresses of all time make multiple appearances on this list of the greatest 1950s love movies.

What are some of the top '50s romance movies? Roman Holiday, Funny Face and Sabrina - all of which star Audrey Hepburn - are three of the best romance movies of the 1950s. If you prefer a blond bombshell as your leading lady, you'll be happy to see '50s love stories that star Marilyn Monroe like The Seven Year Itch and How to Marry a Millionaire.

The 1950s proved that cartoons can be romantic, too. The classic Disney animated films Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty both appear on this 1950s romance movies list.

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