The Best Sitcoms Of The '50s

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Vote up your favorite sitcoms and comedy shows that aired between 1951 and 1959.

In the 1950s, television was still in its infancy. People in the television business were still learning how to best create entertainment that went straight into people’s homes. It was important to create worthwhile, quality TV shows, to further the popularity of the medium. One of the biggest genres in televised programming of the 1950s were sitcoms: short, funny programs, featuring the top comedians of the decade.

While there weren’t as many sitcoms airing in the '50s as there are today, due to fewer competing networks, many became instant classics and created entertainment superstars. I Love Lucy was one such sitcom that stood above the rest. It made Lucille Ball the biggest star of the day and still airs on television, in reruns, to this day, with a legion of mega-fans behind it. Other shows like The Honeymooners, Father Knows Best, and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet were so popular that new episodes became household events.

What are the best '50s sitcoms? Did the sitcoms you think are best make the list? Are they still as fresh today as they were 70 years ago? Take a look and vote the best 1950s sitcoms to the top.

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