The Best '50s Space Movies

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Vote up your favorite space films that were released in the 1950s.

The best '50s space movies play up the general feeling of Cold War Communist paranoia that seemed to pervade every fiber of the nation during that decade. Many 1950s sci-fi movies also touched on the fear induced by the creation of the atomic bomb.

Though the most famous version of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds is the radio play created by Orson Welles (which many actually believed to be true), the version listed here is actually the very first film version. The apocalyptic alien attack in the film mirrors the feeling of impending, nuclear doom that Americans felt throughout the post-WWII era, and the alien invasion itself was meant to represent the spread of Communist alliance.

Other great space movies from this decade include The Day the Earth Stood Still, Flight to Mars, and Forbidden Planet. Vote up the best '50s space movies below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.

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  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
    Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe
    • Released: 1951
    • Directed by: Robert Wise
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  • Forbidden Planet
    Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen
    • Released: 1956
    • Directed by: Fred M. Wilcox
  • H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds
    Gene Barry, Ann Robinson
    • Released: 1953
    • Directed by: Byron Haskin
  • The Angry Red Planet
    Gerald Mohr, Nora Hayden, Les Tremayne
    • Released: 1959
    • Directed by: Ib Melchior
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  • Queen of Outer Space
    Zsa Zsa Gábor, Joi Lansing, Dave Willock
    • Released: 1958
    • Directed by: Edward Bernds
  • Conquest of Space
    Rosemary Clooney, Ross Martin, Vito Scotti
    • Released: 1955
    • Directed by: Byron Haskin
  • Rocketship X-M
    Lloyd Bridges, Osa Massen, Hugh O'Brian
    • Released: 1950
    • Directed by: Kurt Neumann
  • The Flying Saucer
    Denver Pyle, Russell Hicks, Mikel Conrad
    • Released: 1950
    • Directed by: Mikel Conrad
  • Riders to the Stars
    William Lundigan, Herbert Marshall, Richard Carlson
    • Released: 1954
    • Directed by: Richard Carlson
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  • Destination Moon
    John Archer, Warner Anderson, Tom Powers
    • Released: 1950
    • Directed by: Irving Pichel
  • Cat-Women of the Moon
    Douglas Fowley, Victor Jory, Marie Windsor
    • Released: 1953
    • Directed by: Arthur Hilton
  • Spaceways
    Howard Duff, Eva Bartok, Marianne Stone
    • Released: 1953
    • Directed by: Terence Fisher
  • Project Moon Base

    Project Moon Base

  • Satellite in the Sky
    Lois Maxwell, Bryan Forbes, Kieron Moore
    • Released: 1956
    • Directed by: Paul Dickson
  • Crash of the Moons
    Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, John Banner
    • Released: 1954
    • Directed by: Hollingsworth Morse
  • Warning from Space
    Isao Yamagata, Shozo Nanbu, Bontarô Miyake
    • Released: 1956
    • Directed by: Koji Shima
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  • Flight to Mars
    Cameron Mitchell, Marguerite Chapman, John Litel
    • Released: 1951
    • Directed by: Lesley Selander
  • Missile to the Moon
    Gary Clarke, Cathy Downs, K. T. Stevens
    • Released: 1958
    • Directed by: Richard E. Cunha
  • Manhunt in Space
    Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, Richard Crane
    • Released: 1954
    • Directed by: Hollingsworth Morse
  • The Sky Calls

    The Sky Calls

  • Flying Disc Man from Mars
    Gregory Gaye, Walter Reed, Harry Lauter
    • Released: 1950
    • Directed by: Fred C. Brannon