The Best NBA Centers of the 1960s

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In the NBA, the best 60s centers were the most important part of their respective teams. The "big man" was even more important back in the 60s than it is today because the NBA used to be a distinctly less athletic league. If you had a true force in the middle, there was really no stopping you. It was a necessary component for a successful team, so naturally, the greatest NBA centers from the 60s makes for a great list to look through! Vote for your favorites on this list of the best 60s NBA centers and vote down the ones you don't think are among the greatest NBA centers from the 60s!

When discussing the top 1960s NBA centers, Wilt "The Stilt" has to be in the conversation. Connie Hawkins and Bill Russell are considered some of the best NBA Centers of the 1960s, and many more are in this list! If you don't think Bill Russell should be on this list then you probably shouldn't even be looking at this list. Seriously.

So take a look at this best NBA centers of the 60s list and vote for your favorites! 
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