The Best 1960s Soap Operas

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Although television was still relatively new and still finding its groove, in the '60s soap operas were extremely popular. There were anywhere between nine and seventeen soap operas on at the same time, delivering entertainment to large audiences every day. The biggest soap operas of the 1960s were As the World Turns, Guiding Light, and Search for Tomorrow. This list of the best daytime soap operas that aired between 1960-1969, has been voted on and ranked by your votes.

Many of the most popular daytime soap operas of all time were introduced in the 1960s. General Hospital debuted in 1963, while Days of Our Lives first aired in 1965. Both soaps went on to live long lives on television, still airing new episodes today. While these popular old soap operas made their debut during the 1960s, there were also quite a few flops. Many of the new soap operas of the '60s only lasted one or two seasons, such as Morning Star, Paradise Bay, and Never Too Young.

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