The Best NBA Point Guards of the 60s

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The top NBA point guards of the 1960s played during a time when the league was still finding its identity. And subsequently, they helped mold the NBA into what is today. The greatest point guards of the 60s were still exciting in their own way even though the game back then was a lot more based on, well, "fundementals." Of course, the Boston Celtics dominated the NBA during the decade. But there were still plenty of great NBA point guards during the 1960s. While the best point guards of the 60s were scattered throughout the NBA, Red Auerbach's team had several on its roster. The 60s NBA point guard may not have garnered the headlines that big men like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain did but the top NBA PGs from the decade were impressive in their own way. With that, here's a list of the greatest point guards of the 1960s. Definitely some of the best PGs to ever play basketball.
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